Yes I know that I’m crazy for having a family album for a fictional character. I know, I know. But I joined with Päivi in….May (or something?) and she’s still ma baby, so this was needed. 

Anyways, the pictures: 

  • Päivi’s family home
  • Baby PäivixD
  • Päivi shoveling snow in front of her family’s house at age four (she wanted to feel like she was helping, it’s not like her parents forced her to do that, just so you know) with the family’s dog (Golden Retriever named “Jälle”)
  • Päivi’s first reindeer treck at age nine (she does have patriotic parents, so they dressed her up in a traditional dress)
  • Päivi at a highschool party (that was before she stopped drinking, so she might be a little very drunk there)
  • Päivi’s highschool graduation
  • Päivi today just because