AU: Päivi has two sisters

  • Paavali (meaning: small): born June 13, 1988. She’s a university student in Tampere, studying maths, and has gone to the same boarding school as Päivi, but has actually managed to go on to university. However, her parents opposed that decision a lot less than they did with Päivi. Paavali is just the youngest, an eternal rebel, but someone who can’t ever do anything really wrong in the eyes of their parents. Paavali doesn’t have any abilities and has often resented her two sisters for theirs, not realizing that her talent for science is just as valuable. 
  • Pirjo (meaning: strong and protecting): Born April 27, 1981. She still lives in Törmänen, is married and has a child, meaning that she is often presented to Päivi as a way of life that she herself should have taken on. Pirjo has the ability of zoolingualism, which means that she is very helpful in her family’s work with reindeer herding. But just like Päivi, she doesn’t use her ability openly. Pirjo is a very calm and reasonable person and has long been a trusty advisor to Päivi. However, sometimes she can’t refrain from criticizing Päivi for her choices.